Meryl Streep.

Not only is she chilled as fuck, she’s also an insanely good actress. Need a comedy mother figure for a film adaption of a record-breaking stage show based on the songs of an annoying but admittedly iconic Swedish pop group? Done. Maggie Thatcher biopic? Yup. Egomaniacal but ultimately damaged high-profile magazine editor for a box office-smashing chick-lit adaption? Bitch, she’s already been there and got the motherfucking T-shirt. She’s such a good actress, she’s forgotten who she even is anymore.

Meryl, we salute you. We wish you were a cool aunt that we saw not all the time but maybe like three or four times a year. Any more than that and your irritating American accent would surely become grating. Put on your British one for us, would you Mez? Cheers babes.

– Bumpkin

Talent right here

Talent right here

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