‘The Games’

Avoid the queues? Travel a different way? How about stop patronising me with idiotic cartoons and frequent references to the term ‘Londoner’. Wankers.

Am I even allowed to write this post without checking with LOCOG first?! Listen, tossers – I work in advertising and I can assure you that this whole ‘Games’ twattishness was the most misguided case of branding I’ve ever seen. Typical creative-corporate hybrid types “thinking outside the box”.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that I had to endure junk mail through my letterbox telling me to avoid travelling/work from home/leave earlier/leave later, my senses were bombarded with advertising in which EVERYTHING was based around the Games Olympics, athletes, the playing of sport, general athleticism and more that are so mind-meltingly mundane I can’t even remember what they were.

It’s a shame, because I’m from a sporting family and I like sport and I used to like the Olympics. But my enthusiasm for this year’s ‘summertime sporting event’ (that acceptable, LOCOG?) shrivelled like a grape left out in Mediterranean sunshine every time I saw a TfL poster, instance of horrendously inappropriate sport-related merchandising or endorsement, the term ‘Games Makers’, those dildo-esque mascots and Sebastian Coe’s face.

Almost as bad as seeing the otherwise-talented Kenneth Branagh flouncing round the ugly stadium looking like a lost extra from Oliver!. Thank god it’s over. Oh wait… when do the Paralymics start?

– Bumpkin


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