Shameless Publicity Stunts

In honour of new shit zombie flick The Walking Dead, which presumably is about blood and/or zombies, a new addition is to be made to ‘The London Street Food Scene’ (burger vans are now fashionable). The new addition is this: BRAIN BURGERS.

No one wants to eat a brain burger. It’s not appetising. I’ve seen brain surgery on tely. Did I think to myself ‘mmm…yummy’? No of course I bloody didn’t. Film or no film, I will not eat brains in a burger, deep fried or otherwise.

So stop being a wanker and serve normal food, ‘Gory Gourmet’. You can make it into the shape of a zombie’s face if you must. Your name is quite good though tbh, catchy. I sort of like it. But then I’m reminded that you serve BRAINS and that this is a publicity stunt and that it is SHAMELESS and I am angry again.


Full story of this atrocity here.

– Essex

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